Incentive travel is internationally recognised as a valuable tool for employee engagement and retention, and as a vehicle to drive employee productivity, enhance sales performance and improve business efficiencies and motivation. Group travel and teambuilding opportunities also assist in improving cross company communication, breaking down barriers and building relationships and play a significant role in supporting the achievement of business objectives. In short, shared experiences equals shared, and improved, team spirit.

Industry research indicates that non-monetary rewards far outweigh cash incentives, which are largely used to pay bills and address other household requirements. Incentive travel, with the built-in, extraordinary motivational experiences, satisfies the “wants” and not the “needs”, and is proven to have the most impact on the employee.

We are well aware that business protocol and corporate governance requirements might dictate that a business programme is required to be included in a travel incentive programme and are well positioned to work with your company representatives, both locally and overseas, to ensure that both objectives are met.